Lots of changes have happened. First off, we've moved again. The new location is back on the bypass. We are now at 1406 US 31W Bypass. Ben Butts has left us for Virginia. That left an open spot. We would like to welcome Justin Woods. Stop by while he still has walk-in avaibility.Everyone has been traveling and hitting conventions. Watch facebook to keep up with the travels. Want to see the instagram? @ageofreasontattoo will get you all the juicy pics. Hear the latest news on twitter, follow ageofreasontats. As always, keep checking the website and following everyone on social media. Stop by and see the new digs if you haven't already. It looks completely different, yet again.

Best portrait tattoo artist in Nashville, thanks everyone!

It's Christmas time again. Hope everyone is having a great holiday season. Tim has been painting and exhibiting in gallerys as well as welcoming a new pup to the family. Brooke made it into a few gallerys herself and got a new puppy. Ben has just come back from a guest spot in Knoxville. Justin and Jon have welcomed new additions, baby girls for each of them. Everyone is putting out killer tattoos, from the award winning b&g realism of Tim to the awesome color realism of Brooke, Jon is putting some serious color in skin, Ben is inking traditional like it's a tradition, and Justin is trying his hand at everything. Stop in, say hi, and leave with some bodacious tattoos. And remember Santa knows you love tattoos, remind everyone else to get those gift cards.

Once again another year has passed. To keep you up to date, Brooke Hume is finally here! To welcome her we decided to move. That's right, back in April we moved. We are now located at 871 Broadway Ave, still in the good 'ole BG. Located just 1/2 mile from where our old location. Check out the contact link for directions to our new address, if you're a local it's the old Greener Groundz, Bread and Bagel or Molly Shannons. In other news we have expanded yet again. ART is happy to welcome Jonathan Fowler to the crew. Some of you may know him from Hearts Desire on Scottsville Road. That means we now have 5 artists working to get you the best tattoo possible. We are still doing piercing, Justin Webb loves to stab people.

Tim Phelps has gone convention crazy. He has been traveling from D.C. to the Carolinas to get everyone tattooed. Seems to like the eastern seaboard lately. Tim Phelps next convention is the 1st Annual Virginia Beach Tattoo Expo August 16-18. Next up is 1st Annual Memphis Tattoo Convention in October 18-20. Contact him at 270-846-2828 to book your next tattoo or email him at Tim Phelps.

In true A.R.T. fashion, updating the website fell by the way side. Here's a brief goings on of the last few months. Tim has done a few more conventions. Won a few more trophies, several of them first place. He even won an art contest. Pabst is giving him a booth at Forecastle Festival, check out the winning piece. We got a new logo, look for the white ART on cars and windows near you! New signage is up and the decorations are changing.

Ben N. Butts is still with us. Try as we might, just can't run off a Texan! It's great to have him and his tattooing and artwork are making leaps and bounds. Stop on in and let him design your next crazy tattoo. If ya can't catch him here try Rocky's.The shop is growing again. A new apprentice has arrived, his name is Justin We call him troll or nancy or shirley, stop on by and make up your own name for him : ) We have a new artist joining us in september, Brooke Hume She is super talented and booking up quick. Call the shop for contact info to book direct with her. Seems I have plugged everyone enough. Have a great summer, come get tattooed!

So I missed a month on the whole letting ya know what's going on. Shit happens! Changes were made in December, Tim got an apprentice. That means we are happy to welcome Ben Butts to the crew. So how does sarcasm play on the internet? JK as Ben says. Due to this recent addition we now have Battle of the Alphabet Artist(gotta log in to facebook first)cast your votes now. Other than that we made it through another year. Forgot to mention that in November, we have now been open 2 years! We are busy this month deciding on where to go for guest spots and conventions, so get your requests in now. It has been decided that the first convention this year will be Chattanooga in March 11-13. The show will be at the Chattanooga Marriott, 2 Carter Plaza. Email or call 270-846-2828 to snag your appointment. See ya in the funny pages.

Halloween has come and gone, good times were had by all. The shop had a few events going on the Gander Mountain Halloween Thriller was sponsored in part by the shop as well as Tricks vs. Treats Halloween bout by the famous Vette City Roller Derby, once again sponsored by Age of Reason Tattoo. On a more personal note, Tim turned 31! Lots of birthday wishes were sent via Facebook and text and he thanks everyone for them. Gift certificates are now on sale for Christmas!

Halloween approaches and fall is coming. Changes were made. The lobby is now blue and we now do piercing. Come on by and we'll stab ya and the jewelry is included! Tim has started planning his 2011 convention schedule, if he isn't coming to your town let him know you want him there. The shop is still looking for a new tattoo artist. A little bit of news coming to ya late, Tim won some more awards at the Louisville Immersed in Ink back in August. He took 3rd place tattoo of the day both Saturday and Sunday that weekend.